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  • Can I make my employees do a drug test?

    Can I make my employees do a drug test? No, not without a bonafide reason.

  • Can my union require me to pay union dues?

    Can my union require me to pay union dues? This paycheck, they took over $60. I don't even go to union meetings or events. Dear Not So Happy with the Union Yes, your union can require everyone in the union to pay dues.  The level of dues are established in the collective agreement and are generally expressed as a percentage, like 1 or 2% of your paycheck. This is a hot topic in Saskatchewan. The Government was making some noise about a year ago to introduce, what the Americans call 'right to work' legislation but they backed off.  So as it stands, a union can require all in the bargaining unit to pay dues.  The thinking is, since you enjoy union privileges, such as a higher wage, better job security, ect., you should pay dues.  Think of union dues like taxes: you may not like the way the Government is spending your taxes but you are still required to pay your taxes.  Perhaps you should start attending union meetings and tell the union leaders how you would prefer them to spend your hard earned paycheck.

  • Do I have to work in the rain? Is my boss required to provide rain-gear?

    I work in the landscaping industry. Often my crew is required to work out in the rain. Can my boss make us work in the rain? Don't they at least have to give us rain-gear? Dear Working in the Rain Yes, your crew can be required to work in the rain.  However, I can think of two exceptions: the rain poses a safety concern or your employment contract has specific language about working in the rain.  And no, your boss is not required by legislation to provide rain-gear, unless it is set out as an employer obligation in your employment contract.  If you are like most employees in the landscaping industry, you likely don't have a formal employment contract, so I'm afraid you're stuck in the rain, with your own rain coat.  Just a thought, a union would typicaly bargain for these benefits...

  • I was recently fired from my old job and wasn’t given a reason for my termination. Is there anything I can do about my situation?

  • My boss said that he did not have to pay me overtime because I am a summer student. Is this true?

    No, your boss is required to pay you overtime. The Saskatchewan Employment Act makes no mention of exceptions that apply to summer students.  Check out section 2-17.

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